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Monday, December 20, 2010

a new tiger in town

hai :)
you all must've been wondering,
why is this blog called,
since there are only one person updating this blog.

well, this blog has been set up as a way to communicate to the blog world,
by me, ashraf shamsuddin and fathiah hamim :).

since the start of this blog,
my girlfriend has been updating it all by herself.

i didn't because i do not know what to put here,
and i'm new to this world of blogging.

days have passed,
and i know what to put in it now.

it will showcase my first project in the 2nd sem of 1st year,
degree of architectural studies :),
and i will post it tonight.

hoping you guys would like it,
because it has a little bit of story to tell.

bare in mind that even my girlfriend have not seen nor hear about the project.

i'm showing it to her and to you guys as well :),
tonight :P.

1 comment:

F.A. said...

ashraf kejam! by fathiah. :P