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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

first project

this is what i'm talking about.
my first project for the semester.

-a brief summary of the task-
it's about 3 architect, their backgrounds,ideology and work philosophy.
with the given material, timber as their design materials.
different era.
7 people working in a group.
my subgroup of 3, did Renzo Piano, an Italian architect.
put it into a 3D montage.
we had 1 week to complete it.
tried our best.

this is the finished product.

it got rejected.
and we have to redo the whole thing in one more week.
an entirely different thing.
the critics,
( that's what we call people who judges us,in this case,the lecturers),
said that, this is not a montage,
and we didn't get the idea of a 3D montage at first.
and, this is more like a report for them.

so, an entirely different thing should be created,
more of an artwork, abstract it maybe,
to completely fulfill this task.

now, i'm not relying on sympathy or anything,
just want to show you what we do from time to time.

and if there is any of my lecturers reading this,
sorry, tapi ini saja2 letak,
bukan marah2 ke apa. :)

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