Reasons To Continue Writing

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I Wish

I Wish I Can Have Everything.
Without Any Mumbling and Lending.
Even Until I'm Aging.

I Wish I Stay Kid.
Where There Is Nothing Misdeed.
Although Everything Is Forbid.
And I Can Say Words That Are Acrid.

I Wish Life Is All About Happiness.
Definitely Not Filled With Bluntness.
Feels Great If It's Flawless.

I Wish I Can Stop The Time.
So That I Can Commit Crime,
And No One Cares About Bedtime.

I Wish There Is No Such Thing As Commitment.
Everybody Is Absent,
Living The World Remain Silent.


aiman afiq. said...

how i wish i everything to be be perfect,but sadly it can't.

F.A. said...

everybody is wishing for that. :/