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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Last Teen Year :)

Happy Or Sad,
It Doesn't Matter,
Cause The Age Still Add,
A Fact Can't Be Alter,
Oh My Last Teen Year.

Past To Ponder,
Future To Be Better,
Seeks For Leisure,
To Make Life Glitter,
In My Last Teen Year.

Struggle For Excellence,
Work To Achieve Aims,
Forget And Avoid Nuisance,
Get Rid Of 'Games',
During My Last Teen Year.

Nineteen Is A Big Number,
Responsibilities Piling Up,
Life Getting Harder,
It's Time To Catch Up,
In My Last Teen Year.

Twenty Is Bigger,
Don't Wait Any Later,
Reduce The Pressure,
Before Everything Getting Meaner,
After My Last Teen Year.

I'm Turning 19 On The 21st Of November.
Hence, I Wrote This Poem As A Reminder For Me,
That 19 Is Not A Year To Be Playful.

p/s: Comel La Benda Neh. Bagi La Sebagai Present Please! ;)


ney said...

happy becoming beday~

:i am MsZ Lai: said...

like it so much and happy birthday dearie! :)