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Monday, November 15, 2010


My Mission Is To Teach, Oh No, To CORRECT Your Knowledge.
Regarding English Grammar.
Okay, I'm Not Going To Tell You How To Use The English Grammar Rules,*cause seems even a lecturer was not able to make us remember them*
What I'm Gonna Do Is Just Correct The Mistakes.
Hoping That, Even If You Don't Know The Rules Of Grammar, But At Least, You Can Say/Write It Right.

1. It Means vs Its Mean. *PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THIS ONE*
2. Your Beautiful vs You're Beautiful. (this may seems easy, but I've seen this mistake, a lot.)
3. Its Hot vs It's Hot. 
4. A Lot vs Alot.
5. I Feel Bored vs I Feel Boring.
6. You Slept Late Everyday vs You Slept Late Every Day.
7. I Take That As A Complement. vs I Take That As A Compliment.
8. She Is The Principal. vs She Is The Principle.
9. The Car Is Stationery. vs The Car Is Stationary.
10. Their Your Responsibility Now. vs They're Your Responsibility Now.
11. Feel Free To Browse. vs Feels Free To Browse.
12. Called Me Ali. vs Call Me Ali. (believe me, I've seen this mistake)
13. I Never Bring My Work. vs I Did Not Bring My Work. (aku memang hangin bab ayat neh, sorry)
14. You Been Reject. vs You've Been Rejected.
15. Why Are You Scared? vs Why Are You Scare?
16. I Appreciate Your Help. vs I'm Appreciate Your Help.
17. Feel Free To Like. vs Feels Free To Like.
18. I Don't Care. vs I Not Care.

The Red Coloured Word Is Wrong, Black Is Correct.
I Hope This Helps A Lot In Future.
If There's Any Uncertainties Don't Hesitate To Ask. *macam la aku expert*

Fa Fathiah


ct kamila said...

gud job.. :)

F & A said...

hehe :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Very useful!

shana said...

alot salah? ada perkataan alot tak?

F & A said...

alot takda. allot ada.

Roxy zai said...

hehehe..syg,i was just about the right a post on this matter! hahaha..esp num 1 n 5 too..pufft! i've heard a lot of both of it..nice one dear!

F & A said...

zai, kan? tension sangat bila tengok error neh. tak tahan sangat tuh yang buat blog post. hehe. thank you~
in progress of posting more on this.