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Friday, November 19, 2010


In My Previous Entry, I Wrote About Hummer H3 As My Dream Car.
Well, It Gives Me An Idea On Writing More About This WANTED Car.

This Is ONE OF A KIND! SIX WHEELS Hummer. Best Thing Is, It's In Malaysia. Yeap! Spotted This Car In Malaysia! I Freaking Want This SUV, Or Wait Truck? It's Actually A Combination Of SUV 4x4 Vehicle, and SUT.
Well, The Above Picture Is The Modified Edition Which Is Freeeeeakiiiinngggg Awesome! Below, Is The Original Edition Which Is My PRIORITY Aim At The Moment. :P
Tadaaa Introducing Hummer H3!

This Is Hummer H2 White Version. 
And This Is Hummer H2 Black Version.
Tell Me, Can You Ever Say That This Damn SUV Is NOT Cool, Or Ugly?

If You Notice In Movie 'The Losers' They Used A Hummer Canary H2 If I'm Not Mistaken. It Looks Similar Like This MINUS The Cool Front Bumper.

This Is The Original Version (i think)

Okay Let's Talk About Its Specs.
Nak Cakap Pasal Engine, Suspension, Fuel Injection, Brake Bagai Pun Bukan Suma Orang Paham. Basic Info Je Lah Kayh.
Tank : 23 Gallons = 88 Litres. *pokai aku*
Overall Length : 187.5 inches
Overall Height : 85.0 inches
Removable Roof Rails
Anti-Theft Protection
Cruise Control! *senang idup*
Voice Activating System
Electrically Adjustable Driver Seat
Low Tire Pressure Indicator
Rim : Full size Alloy Rim, Spare Wheel
Fuel Consumption : Inter-City 14 Mpg, Inter-State 18Mpg. *aduh banyak nya*
Banyak Sangat2 Yang Terbaek Bout Its Specs. How About We Let The Picture Shows It All? :)

Aduh Tengok Tayar Dia. 
Hancur Badan Kalau Kena Lenyek, Rasanya Tak Sedar Pun Tengah Lenyek Benda.

I Guess This Is All For Now.
So Sorry For Such A Long Post.
I Am Really Thrilled About This SUV.
If I Ever Get This Truck, I'd Paint It Black Mate. (Hitam Mati)


p/s: Pray For Me To Get This Car! Boleh La Fa Bawak Jalan Seround Dua. :P


aiman afiq. said...

betul ke hummer yang first tu kat malaysia?

F & A said...

yeap2! website tuh pun from malaysia.
aiman, i ada tag u dekat entry myself.

aiman afiq. said...

err,entry yang mane?jap nak cari.

Encik Fikhri said...

wow,impressive..nice choice n nice taste..tak ramai orang find hummer as dream car,few dari malaysian lady..tabik lah sebab kite ade minat same.tapi sebab cc die punye besar,angan2 je lah.kalau pakai komfem bekira jugak nak hidupkan road tax nanti..haha..tak masuk insurans n minyak lagi..keep dreaming n hopefully become true..